How to look younger? Easy and I’ll show you!

In this series of articles I am going to cover a lot of ground. I’ll discuss some things you may not know are associated with how to look younger such as, for instance total body inflammation and oxidative stress. I’ll also discuss and compare all of the maze of ingredients you encounter on your shopping trips to the anti-aging skin care aisles. And of course, you’ll want to know about the most cutting edge procedures and those will also be covered. When you are done with these articles you will be a highly educated consumer, able to keep your skin from aging as rapidly as “normal” and you will know how to look younger, using what I call inside-out techniques as well as the best anti aging skin care products and procedures. Before I give you some important basic information on how to look younger here are other topics which you can come back to when you’re done.

What is the best anti aging skin care regimen?

best anti-aging skincare

  • How to look younger from the inside-out
  • What you eat shows on your face
  • Habits you must stop if you want to know how to look younger for life!
  • Your basic best anti aging skin care daily routine

How do I choose the best anti aging serum, cleanser, moisturizer and more?

best anti-aging moisturizers

  • Ingredients – the good, the bad and the ugly to look younger and stay healthy too
  • The best anti aging serum and for most at some point-serums!
  • The best anti aging moisturizer that is right for you
  • The best of all skin care products

Laser skin tightening and much more!

Laser Skin Treatment

  • The latest and best laser skin tightening procedures
  • How to look younger and natural with Esthetic Dermatology procedures
  • How to look younger while looking not “done” with nip-tuck plastic surgery

Best lifetime strategies to look younger - decade by decade.

how to look younger

  • “Adjunctive” procedures for home or spa such as exfoliation methods
  • Various home procedures to augment any “outside” procedures such as micro-current hand-held devices to keep you looking younger
  • Skin care and approximate timing for various interventions from under twenty to 100 – from peels to mini-face-lifts and more!
  • The ultimate how to look younger for life guide!

When you think of the face of aging, if you are 35-63 you will likely have two “visuals”….but hopefully three!

You may picture the furrowed, pasty, old face many of us associate with old age. You may also think of the stretched, artificial facial features of women who have under-gone extensive cosmetic surgery. Now, I’m not going to mention any names but I know we can think of one or two of these women. What I will ask you to think about is that they look as if there skin was too thin and it was stretched too hard over “the canvas”. And this is because it’s exactly what happened! They didn’t spend any time learning how to look younger. So the result was that their skin just thinned out as they aged-something that needn’t happen to you!

Hopefully you are “with the program” enough to realize that you can look natural while learning how to look younger and actually slowing down the aging process so you don’t resemble either caricature.

How to Look Younger Naturally

Women and men today have access to many more choices than ever before for taking years off their appearance — without cosmetic surgery. Aging doesn’t mean a decline of physical functioning or appearance…you now have a choice on exactly how you will age! Whether you are reaching the age when those first fine lines morph into deep crow’s-feet or are already well into it, you have tons of “company.” The demographics of this country are changing rapidly. Did you realize that there are more than 75 million baby boomers entering middle age over the next decade? Does that include you? It includes me too!

Sandwiched between Generation X and the ailing Generation Rx, our “group” doesn’t accept the status quo and that includes aging of any sort. As more and more boomers slide into and through middle age, they are transforming our notions of aging and shaping numerous trends in their refusal to accept the declines of aging. Active retirement, anti-aging medicine, and an increased focus on healthy lifestyle habits are just a few things we boomers are totally embracing.

Personal appearance is no exception — boomers are determined to slow the clock of aging, preferably taking it back as much as possible. And WHY NOT? I remember my 90+ year old baby-skinned grandmother slathering on potion after potion and shunning the sun, pollutants and everything else I’ll talk about regarding lifestyles for great young skin.

We live in an exciting age in regards to “aging”. But when we talk about the best anti aging skin care it’s just as exciting. The last ten years have brought an explosion of new skin care treatments that curb the progression of aging. Our knowledge of the body and how to enhance our health, well being, and appearance has never been greater.

There are more opportunities than ever before for remaining radiant and good-looking to a ripe old age, while avoiding the pitfalls and pain of the one-size-fits-all approach of cosmetic surgery techniques. Disclaimer here: In my article about laser skin tightening and other non invasive procedures I’ll discuss how to “get plastic surgery done right” if you are going that route. I am by no means bashing plastic surgery. I’m saying that before having it done you have to have your skin nice and “plumped” by taking care of health and using for instance the best anti aging serum possible to ready your skin for surgery.

As people live longer, the need to adopt techniques for making the most of one’s appearance at all stages of life is increasing. Life expectancy has gone up dramatically over the past century, and both women and men live longer, healthier lives than ever before. If they utilize the services of an Anti-aging M.D. such as myself they fare even better-a lot better in fact. The numerous exciting new anti-aging beauty treatments that have appeared within the last decade hold great promise to enable us to enjoy all facets of life to the fullest and stay socially and sexually active to a ripe old age.

So why don’t people just know how to look younger like Sandra?

learning how to look youngerThe biggest barrier most people face in taking full advantage of the many new age-erasing skin care products and treatments is simply nothing more than a lack of information. Many people are simply not aware of all the new skin care solutions now available. Other people have heard of them but don’t know how to choose or combine treatments to create the most complete and powerful anti-aging regimen. Still others are wary, because they have heard stories of botched treatments that create beauty problems instead of solving them.

In these articles I’ll show you how to take advantage of recent breakthroughs in our knowledge of the skin and its care to slow the advance of aging and look younger than your age — at any age. After reviewing all of the basics that you may or may not know, I’ll show you:

  • How to separate products that really work from those that do not and how to choose the products that fit your particular needs.
  • How to unleash the skin’s own powerful regenerating abilities to maintain a youthful appearance well into “old age”.
  • How to take advantage of the many exciting breakthroughs in skin care products to restore the fresh glow of your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles….even pore size.
  • How to address aging at the deepest layers of the skin, where the changes that precede the visible signs of aging take place.
  • How to take full advantage of the numerous, noninvasive breakthrough anti-aging treatments that have emerged within the last few years.

Using all the informational tools at our disposal I will help you create a complete and powerful, anti aging skin care program to maximize your appearance and well-being. Welcome to being “a hot chick or dude” for your entire life because you will have learned exactly and scientifically how to look younger!

How Aging Affects Our Skin

Everyone wants glowing, clear and supple skin. We want to look our best when we meet people and when we go out in the world. We want to look good because it makes us feel good and confident. And a large part of looking good has to do with having skin that looks radiant. If you didn’t think so you wouldn’t be reading this, so you agree! 😉

Unfortunately, having great skin isn’t easy. It seems, in fact, to be a losing struggle against an impossibly powerful opponent: Time. As we grow older, our skin thins, sags, weakens and wrinkles. This is pretty much how nature works, and we can’t do anything to stop it. Or can we? Of course can! Or else why would I be writing this?

We can do many, many things to really and truly delay the effects of aging on our skin. We can also do much to improve the present condition of our skin, regardless of how old we may be. This has been done successfully by people who look years or even decades younger than their biological age. You may know some of these people yourself; perhaps you see them around where you work or live. For sure, you have seen some of them in magazine covers, on TV and in movies. But this “privilege” does NOT need to be restricted to “stars.”

how to look like celebritiesActors and celebrities, and a lot of young-looking “normal” people, are living proof that it is possible to have great skin regardless of your age. Their “secret” to looking good may have to do with taking advantage of the latest advances in cosmetic science. Good genes certainly don’t hurt. However, years of good skin care habits — which need not be expensive — do play a key role in keeping our skin healthy and line-free. In addition, having a healthy lifestyle including eating “really well” definitely influences our overall skin health and appearance. We will get into all of this.

As we grow older, our skin naturally loses some of its elasticity. It gradually will contain lower amounts of the building block substances called elastin and collagen. Much of the subcutaneous fat (found just below the skin and above the muscle layer) is also lost. And our facial bones lose density. As a result, the skin hangs more loosely. The skin layer also literally becomes thinner in addition to becoming less supple.

“Facial movement lines” start to become more visible. These lines refer to those that form each time our face moves—every time we make facial expressions, when we laugh, smile, frown, cry, squint and talk. At first, there are but a few of these lines, and then they grow in number or become wrinkles.

We can break all of this down to things that age our skin “intrinsically”-from the inside out….and things that age our skin “extrinsically”….from the outside-in. Intrinsic, biological or internal aging is basically the natural aging of the skin. The way it ages is programmed in the genes and therefore it is inherited.

However, my “mantra” is “you are not your genes” so we are able to modify this. Extrinsic or external aging is caused by external factors such as the sun and the environment. A third group that may contribute to skin aging is mechanical factors.

Before we get into lifestyle changes, products and procedures let’s do a little scientific synopsis of what we are all dealing with when it comes to skin aging so the rest of the articles will all make scientific sense to you. Remember this is a crash course on how to look younger to make you an informed consumer of beauty-healthful, lifelong beauty.

Intrinsic Skin Agers

skin cell regenerationAll of our cells, including our skin cells will slow or even stop the regeneration process as we age. We can’t reverse this process, but we can slow it. At this juncture of epigenetics (adding substances to the body to suppress expression of “bad genes”, and amping up “good genes”) we know we can indeed do some. And when it comes to skin aging, this field is evolving rapidly.

In our world we know collagen is responsible for limiting the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and some of the appearance of saggy, slack, and crepe-like skin. Unfortunately, production of this youth-preserving protein decreases as we age. Signs of aging occur when the fibroblast cells that step in to repair damaged collagen fibers cannot complete their work – a product of aging cells. (And the other protein that causes sagging when it diminishes is elastin-more about this in a bit.)

Collagen and Elastin Production Slows

As we age, collagen (that structural protein in the skin I just mentioned) and elastin (another structural protein) production within the skin slows down and therefore the skin loses its firmness and elasticity. It does not snap back as readily as it used to and it is much thinner and susceptible to damage.

Production of New Skin Cells Decreases

Skin cells do not regenerate as quickly as we age. Therefore, dead skin cells do not shed as quickly leading to rough, dull looking skin.

Loss of Fat

how to lose fatWe lose facial body fat underneath the skin. This causes the loss of skin firmness and the look of hollowed cheeks and eye sockets. The skin looks less plump and less smooth. The slowing down in activity of oil and sweat producing glands also causes the skin to dry and lead to a host of dry skin care problems such as flaky and itchy skin. For men, the decrease in oil production is less significant and occurs usually after the age of 80.

For women, the gradual decrease occurs after menopause. Great, right? You go through menopause, usually gain weight and the dreaded but curable menopause belly fat, lower GI tract slow-down and this too? Before you start getting bummed, I’m educating you about all of this so that you will know when I discuss “fixes” what the “fix” is specifically for. You are learning how to look younger by first learning why we start to look older!

Loss of fat and connective tissue in the skin weakens the support system around blood vessels making them more susceptible to damage and subsequent bruising.

Number of Pigment Containing Cells Decreases

As part of the aging processes, the number of pigment containing cells decreases and the remaining ones increase in size leading to skin blotchiness.

Shrinking Bones

Another one of the skin aging causes is that bones in the human body undergo a certain amount of shrinkage with age. This results in sagging.

Fragile Blood Vessels

Blood vessels become more fragile with age and this may cause bruising and bleeding under the skin.

Again, I’m not telling you all of these things to point out “inevitability”, I am pointing out these things so you’ll know where you need to “go on the attack”!

Though we cannot stop or reverse our cellular internal clocks, we can help slow intrinsic aging by a healthy lifestyle, the proper skin care routine and products, and judiciously used Esthetic Dermatology procedures.

There are times when judiciously used Plastic Surgery procedures are useful and natural looking. The key is to let me tell you the “method” to choose what procedure you will get-there is indeed a method. But let me remind you again that how to look younger and naturally younger after ANY plastic surgery procedure is to make sure your skin is “in shape” so you will not look like one of those “stretched faces” mentioned earlier.

Extrinsic Skin Agers

Luckily we know a great deal about the extrinsic agers and by addressing those; we are able to prolong the timer on our genetic decline. First, let us examine some of these extrinsic factors and how to halt their damaging effects.

The most common culprits include sun exposure, smoking, pollution, chronic stress, poor sleeping, diet and exercise habits – all of which are known producers of free radicals. Free radicals are unpaired electrons which damage cellular DNA-sometimes irreversibly such that cell replicates “come out” damaged.

The damage to our skin occurs when oxidative stressors like the sun, pollution, chronic stress, smoking and free radicals penetrate skin cells where they break down collagen and impact the DNA structure of the cell. As damage occurs, over time the cell is more likely to replicate it and the damaged cells multiply.

DNA aging also impacts the production of collagen, which is what “holds our skin together”, giving it bulk and tone. Note-the worst free-radical producing habit is smoking with a single cigarette producing literally millions of free radicals. Couple that habit with “sunning,” and you have a double whammy of DNA destruction destined to make your face look decades older.

Sun Exposure

damaged skin causes agingMuch of the aging caused by external factors is due to sun exposure. The accumulation of daily sun exposure leads to premature aging of the skin and hastens the other skin aging causes such as intrinsic aging. Usually, signs of sun aging appear in the 20s for people in areas with a lot of sunshine. The sun can cause freckles, age spots, spider veins or broken capillaries on the face. At its extreme it can produce rough and leathery skin, actinic keratoses (pre-skin-cancers) and skin cancer. But it certainly always will produce fine wrinkles, loose skin and irregular skin pigmentation.

Damage caused by the sun is cumulative. Ultraviolet light acts to break down elastin and collagen in the skin and interferes with the production of new collagen. And this also includes tanning beds which are actually a more damaging source of damaging UVA rays.

Other Environmental Factors

Pollution, smoke, and harsh weather conditions all contribute to skin aging and are important causes of skin aging. Free radicals present in polluted environments damage skin cells.

And then there is cigarette smoking

The effects of smoking on your skin as you age.

This is so bad for your skin that it is worth mentioning again. The typical long-term smoker has developed a pattern of lines above the upper lip I’m sure you have seen called “smoker’s lines”. What is happening is not just the free radical damage but a constriction of blood vessels in the face from nicotine, impeding nourishing blood flow.

So now that we “know the enemy” we can conquer it! Welcome to reversing signs of skin aging and truly looking younger, years younger than you age.

In the next article I’ll start teaching you the positives about how to look younger now that we have all of the messy stuff you need to know out of the way. It all gets fun from here so keep reading!

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