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Have you wondered if you could look as good as the movie stars who are obviously seeing the right doctor?

1 Month B&A using Lifeline ProPlus+ Duo

1 Month B&A* using Lifeline ProPlus+ Duo
*Results May Vary

Feeling you’re looking older?
Can’t figure out what products to use to look younger?
Don’t know which procedures really work and which don’t?

kim-75x75I can definitely relate and help you look younger!

Kim Crawford, M.D. – Anti-Aging Specialist

Take a look at my how to look younger articles with recommendations for your personal skin care program and get on the path to looking amazing!

Things no doctor will tell you – Anti aging secrets the movie stars know!

Kim Crawford, M.D. Board Certified American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (A4M) and Internal Medicine

Learn how to eat & supplement to look younger!

Learn how to prevent and/or treat fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, enlarged pores, age spots, and more!

Learn about all of the current non-invasive procedures and plastic surgery “nip-tucks” which can keep you looking young as long as you wish!

“It is no use to blame the looking glass if your face is awry”

~Nikolai Gogol

These stars know how to take care of themselves and it shows.

Some of them have asked me for advice on products and procedures and the results of their good skin and health care is evident. They look younger – some far younger – than their age. SO WHY NOT YOU TOO?

Dr. Kim was featured on:

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You may remember Dr. Crawford from Television when she was for many years the Syndicated Medical Reporter for NBC News, which included hosting her popular segment “Ask Dr. Kim.“

4x Oprah OvalDr. Crawford also served as the Medical Director of the original Doral Telluride Resort and SPA, CO (now “The Peaks”) where she created the Resort’s diet, fitness and other wellness programs.

During this period, Ms. Winfrey enjoyed several retreats at the Resort and Dr. Crawford worked directly with her nursing and dietetic staff to tailor and supervise a personalized weight loss diet plan for Ms. Winfrey.

Trust Dr. Kim to help you look younger.

AnteAge Serums Products

kim-75x75Hi! I’m Dr.Kim Crawford, known to most as “Dr. Kim.” I have an anti-aging practice full of very young looking patients. Some are indeed movie stars.

Through my look younger series of articles you will learn about products that will just plain make you look younger and I’ll explain why. You’ll learn what health habits and supplements will help you look youger from the inside out. And you will learn appropriate procedures that will make you look younger then you really are, as long as you keep following my advice.

The best anti-aging skin care products are what we have for you in this website. Everything is paraben free, cruelty-free and they work! Included are body care products (you have skin there too!) and supplements which you need to have optimal results in your skin’s appearance.

Start your anti aging skin care journey!

Want to know more about anti aging skin care and other anti aging issues?

It doesn’t matter what type of life you lead, Dr. Kim can find a solution for you to look younger.

I feel and look 20 years younger and more confident. My energy level is incredible, too! I feel like I am taking great care of myself. Dr. Kim stays current on medical and health issues that matter most to my health as well as my looks and keeps me educated with her great blogs and articles. Thanks Dr. Kim!

*Results May Vary

Shawn Tomasello

When I hit my 40s I definitely started to slow down. My workouts suffered, my sleep was lousy, and my quality of life was starting to go down hill. I know I’m a guy but I didn’t like that I was looking older. I followed Dr. Kim’s advice of fixing the insides and using great skin care and now I am a whole new young looking guy!

*Results May Vary

David Sturgeon

I am not only a Registered Nurse and Nurse Specialist who sees patients, but I am also responsible for the daily running of a medical practice. My days average 16-18 hours. I have two aged parents who are declining in health and I am the sole care taker of them. Like many of you, I also like to have somewhat of a life outside of all of that, meaning travel and play time with family.

On top of all of that, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and the medications I had to take wreaked havoc on my skin. After applying and using what Dr. Crawford recommended and ordered for me my skin this past year has made my whole life totally different.  My skin has taken on a glow and I get more compliments than ever before on my complexion. Dr. Crawford is so right-that when you fix your insides it shows on the outsides too!

*Results May Vary

Cindy Gale

Want to feel younger and healthier with Dr. Kim’s help?

Improving your overall health can help you look younger than ever before!

I want to shop natural anti aging skin care products.

Help! I want to know more about how to look younger.